by Pia Marais

2nd Assistant Director / Creative Assistant
Feature Film | Brazil / French Guiana | 2024

Rebecca is a young miracle healer, whose fame brings crowds to her father Lawrence Byrne’s mission, deep in the Amazon rainforest. As hostility arises between the neighboring indigenous tribe and illegal loggers invading their territory, Rebecca and Byrne are pulled into an escalating conflict.

The feature film, a German-French-Brazilian co-production, was shot in Pará, Brazil and Regina, French Guiana, between June and August 2023.

Sultana's Dream
by Isabel Herguera & Gianmarco Serra

Script Consultant
Animation Feature | Italy / Spain / India  | 2023

Taking its inspiration from a feminist sci-fi short story written in Bengal in 1905, Inés sets out on a voyage of discovery around India in search of Ladyland, the Utopian land of women. 

Malka Germania
by Yael Bartana

Actor & Making-Of
3-Channel Film Installation | Germany | 2021

Commissioned by the Jewish Museum Berlin.

The work investigates the longing for collective redemption as a response to an age of anxiety. The Messiah has come to Berlin and thus to the historic epicenter of Jewish, Israeli, and German collective memory.

by Shinpei Takeda

First Assistant Director, Germany
Feature Film | Germany / Japan / Mexico | 2021

Aida is a lonely foreigner in Germany working as a dental assistant, living a paranoia that leads her to believe that radiation is causing hallucinations in her mind. Joaquin is a musician in a Mexican border town struggling to overcome the death of his brother related to narco violence. As both protagonists begin their existential search, they are guided by mythical tales told by real people.

Lucky Ember
by Jonathan Omer Mizrahi

Short Film | Germany  | 2022

In a German industrial greenhouse, ultraviolet LED lamps were introduced to maximize the photosynthesis potential, compensating for the lack of sunlight. Each day when the sun rises and falls, a security guard opens and closes the blinds to keep the place's inner LED light inside. In contrast to the greenhouse effect metaphor, the film opens up the shields to allow countless light reflections, celestial projections, energy exchanges, and entropic movements.

Two Minutes to Midnight
by Yael Bartana

Editor & Research Assistant
Film | Germany  | 2021

“What if women ruled the world?” Yael Bartana stages the question in her performative ‘Two Minutes to Midnight,’, where an all women government of a fictitious country must take a stand on an imminent nuclear threat from a foreign nation. A panel of fictional characters and real women experts in fields such as defence, law, politics and psychology is set in a democratic ‘Peace Room’, mirroring the toxically masculine ‘War Room’ in Stanley Kubrick’s classic Cold War satire, ‘Dr. Strangelove.’

Counting the Stars
by Nurit Sharett

Assistant Director
3-Channel Film Installation | Brazil  | 2014

Commissioned by the 31st São Paulo Biennale.
The Israeli artist Nurit Sharett travelled to meet self-proclaimed descendents of the New Christians – or anussim – Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Portuguese Inquisition of the fifteenth century and who took refuge in Brazil. Five centuries later, heirs to this hidden memory ask to return to Judaism. ‘Since we are a people of miscegenation, of mixed races, we can be anything inside of this mix’ – something which, for one of the anussim interviewed by Sharett, is a condition of his hybrid identity - Benjamin Seroussi.

The Tree School
by Grupo Contrafilé & Campus in Camps

Assistant & Translator
Book & Installation | Brazil  | 2014

Commissioned by the 31st Sao Paulo Biennale.

The Tree School is a project initiated by two groups that share a common interest in decolonizing knowledge: members of the Palestinian initiative Campus in Camps, led by Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal, and Brazilian-based art collective Contrafilé. The project was part of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo, and aims to cultivate and produce knowledge that emerges from regions of the world that rarely speak to each other, despite the fact they have much in common. In this, The Tree School, which was formed so as to make new forms of knowledge production possible, presents an initiative that aims to bridge ‘two worlds’ that share similar urgencies in terms of social justice and equality.