Memory Park

Installation | Germany | 2022

Exhibited at CLB Gallery, LABA Broken, Berlin 2022

A memorial to the fictional German corporation Thrypp, a weapons manufacturer.

The installation combines objects associated with German, Jewish and colonial history in the 20th century, from genocide and exile to modern military technology, including denture with a golden tooth, a fragment of concentration camp fence, a corporate video of nuclear Thrypp submarines, a fake African goddess sculpture filled with Euro bills.

These objects serve as a conceptual bridge to the new satirical film ‘Reparation Day’, to be released in 2024.

On the LABA Broken exhibition:

“How do Jewish artists navigate the tension between brokenness and reconstruction, between destruction and repair, between crisis and healing?

Eight Germany-based Jewish artists have dealt with these questions during their months-long program LABA Berlin: a Labo- ratory for Jewish Culture.

This fellowship offers a secular study of Jewish religious texts as a source of artistic inspiration and makes the diversity of Jewish art and culture visible in public spaces.”