Mother of All Fictions

Film | USA | 2019

Mother of All Fictions is the story of a failed film project.

2016: South American filmmaker Walter Solon travels to Los Angeles. His goal is to write a feature film based on the biography and mythology around his great aunt Lina Mosebach. Lina had migrated to Los Angeles after surviving the Holocaust and spending her teenage years with Walter’s great grandparents in South America.

The family myth holds that Lina went to become a CIA screenwriter and film theorist, therefore cutting all contact with her family in South America. Walter tries to track down his great aunt (who might be still alive), while working on a script, casting and location scouting for a "feminist biopic" about Lina.

As new gaps of representation emerge and personal connections are made, the impossibility of a faithful rendering of his propagandist aunt become more and more acute. While Walter’s plan of joining an LA film school and making the film might never materialize, what we watch is a recollection of that time, years later, using fragments of location scouting and casting material to tell the story of an unfulfilled project.

Fail again, fail better.